April 2016  - "Bold Expressions" Mobiles and Tar paintings by Boback Emad. The Midway Gallery.


Pics of the opening night at:  https://www.facebook.com/rollupgallery

Pics of the opening night at: https://www.facebook.com/rollupgallery

March 2016  - “THE CHARMING APOCALYPSE”, a solo exhibition by Javi Corellano at Rol Up Gallery.
Javi Corellano is an artist and illustrator from Barcelona currently residing in in Santa Rosa, California.

Pics of the opening night at:  https://www.facebook.com/rollupgallery

Pics of the opening night at: https://www.facebook.com/rollupgallery

January 2016  - "Inside my Brain”, Roll Up Gallery.  

A group exhibition of three artists who can capture the surreal worlds in their minds.  Magical labs of brushstrokes, colors and stunning scenarios.  
Artists: Alexis Amann http://www.alexisamann.com , Sergio Santurio http://organismos.tumblr.com & Talia Steinhardt

Pics of the opening night at:  https://www.facebook.com/rollupgallery

Pics of the opening night at: https://www.facebook.com/rollupgallery

November  2015  - “Danielle DeRoberts - Solo Show”, Roll Up Gallery.  
Learning To Fly… Soul Flight
Painting and drawing Installation by, artist, Danielle DeRoberts
This series is a collection of self portraits inspired by the artists internal and external journey.  Taking inspiration from Pink Floyd and their lyrics from the song “ Learning To Fly,” 

Pics of the opening night at:  https://www.facebook.com/rollupgallery

Pics of the opening night at: https://www.facebook.com/rollupgallery

October  2015  -  I was honored to be a Juror at ArtSpan. 
Art is always very subjective and I would like to thank all artists, who are in fact the reason why this kind of events happen. 
I gave an award to Christine Meuris for her piece “Fragments”, in my opinion a good example of how simplicity hides complexity.

More info at: https://www.artspan.org/

More info at: https://www.artspan.org/

August  2015  -“Personal Mirages” . Contemporary portraiture. 
Bernat Corman bernatcormand.tumblr.com 
Ferran Torras www.ferrantorras.com 
Javi Corellano http://www.coreisland.com 
Rebecca Whipple http://rebeccawhipplesilverstein.com 
Including an interactive mural by Wall & Wall.  http://www.wallandwall.com 

May, June, July, August 2015 - NightLife LIVE

NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences
Art exhibited by Domestic Data Streamers, Boback Emad, The Midway & Codame.

May  2015  - cymatics “La belleza de la visualización del sonido."  MAS | Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Santander y Cantabria, during Picknic festival.
"Unión de la ciencia, el arte y la tecnología. El encuentro de lo sonoro y lo visual."
A video-art  exhibition curated by Betty Bigas.  
Artists: Susi Sie, Arjen van der Meer and Kim pimmel


March  2015  - MAcAY – solo exhibition, Roll Up Gallery.
Macay lives in a permanent trip around the world, accompanied by her inseparable scissors, brushes and bike. At looking over her works, we overview her visual diary.

March  2015  - BIGAS LUNA TRIBUTE, The Roxie Theater, San Francisco.
A Unique Weekend-long tribute to the internationally known Spanish filmmaker who simultaneously launched the film careers of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.


March  2015  - Botanical Imagery, Roll Up Gallery.
A group show featuring artwork by 3 Women Artists: 
Zara Kand 
Gillian Keller 
Sandra CIFO 

February  2015  -“Wasted” solo exhibition by Gabriel Castellanos 


December  2014  - FACES & PHASES a solo exhibition by Jesús Zamarrón, Roll Up Gallery.

Zamarrón is a graphic artist whose work has been presented in different media: internet, television, video, print, as well as art galleries. He has exhibited his work both in Spain, the United States and Northern Europe. 

October 2014 - NightLife LIVE: Navigation

NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences
Art exhibited by Make Big Art and Ben Burke.

October  2014  - Animals , Roll Up Gallery.
A group show featuring artwork by: 
Grant Gilliland 
Jon Weiss 
Amy Swart 
Vannessa Gonzalez 
Monika Lea Jones 

Animals exhibition

September 2014 - Hanna Quevedo,  Roll Up Gallery.
Hanna is a Fine Art and Contemporary Portrait and Documentary Photographer who still shoots film.

“Stemming from my desire to blur the edges Between images and to illuminate the layers of a given moment in life, I have superimposed multiple exposures in a single image with this project: thus completing the message, I intend to share with those who are not present.” Hanna Quevedo


Hanna Quevedo solo


 July 2014 - Nature Colors Play, Roll Up Gallery.
“It is, I find, in zoology as it is in botany: all nature is so full, that that district produces the greatest variety which is the most examined” Gilbert White

Artists Delphine Delas and Monika Lea Jones explore and express their perspectives on the species of the living and imagined within the two branches of biology, botany and zoology. Join Roll Up Gallery at our opening reception to discover nature as you have never seen it before.

Delphine Delas: http://www.delphine-delas.com
Monika Lea Jones: http://www.monikalea.com


July 2014 - California Academy of Sciences / Nightlife Event / IDYLLIUM
The  encounter of the two artists, Leyre Federika Montes and Gabriel Fontanillo  meet in IDYLLIUM, a piece that goes forward into the fantastic flux of energy in the copulate of two creatures: the imaginary one that resembles an anemone and a seahorse.
In the anemone the energy moves in a double ascendent spiral, like the chi flows trough the Human dorsal spine, while in the seahorse, the energy grows through the spine to then comes down by the forehead  , in an infinite circle that reminds the human cosmic micro orbit.
During the copulate the pulse of both beings synchronize as one and interacting  with the presence of  people, changing in a poetical and playful vibe…

Piece presented at the California Academy of Sciences during the Nightlife event.

The artists:

IDYLLIUM - Curated by Betty Bigas

April, 2014 "Residences", An international dialogue between SPAIN&USA, Roll Up Gallery.

Four new visions of art as a process and art as a product. 
Four artists who are maintaining an international virtual dialogue 
Artists from the Southeast of Spain (Almería) ­- ­a land bathed with a special light, a land 
often times overlooked, and stigmatized for its provinciality – ­maintain an international dialogue 
about the possibilities of art in the 21st century. 

Art by: Manu Muñoz, Francisco Uceda, Jesús Zamarrón and Paco de la Torre 

Feb, 2014 "Memories and Moments", Roll Up Gallery.

A group exhibition at Roll Up Gallery displaying works by Emilio Villalba, the awarded Director's Choice" for best oil painting at the 2012 AAU Annual Spring Show”, Kieran CollinsJon Weiss, Hanna Quevedo, Victor Pastor and Salik Syed.

Jan, 2014 Gallery Crawl "NightLife", California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

A Pop-up art museum was setup featuring guest curators from Warholian, Ever Gold Gallery, and Spoke Art, as well as Hugh Leeman and the Academy’s own talented artists and designers.
Selected artists: Jon WeissMartin Machado and  Hanna Quevedo.
http://sfartenthusiast.com/2013/08/photo-feature-california-academy-of-sciences-gallery- crawl-nightlife/

Jan, 2014 "Space Stories", Roll Up Gallery.

Art by: Lynette Cook, an astronomical illustrator, her outer space images have been published in books, periodicals, documentaries, press releases, and web sites published/produced by Astronomy, BBC Television, CNN, The Discovery Channel, Japan Public Television, NASA, Newsweek, the San Francisco Chronicle, Scientific American, Time, UCLA, and US News & World Report. Cook also has been featured on ABC7 News (KGO) and in USA Today. Space stories also featured works by Kimberly Gerard, Lindsey Millikan, Jack Taylor, Alexis Amann and Sarah Ratchye. Sarah Ratchye is a Carnegie Mellon alumna and artist whose work has been exhibited in numerous one-person and juried shows and is in private collections in the United States and Australia. She served as a member of the Board of Trustees of theSan Jose Museum of Art (SJMA) from 2001 through 2010, and was chairman of the SJMA collections committee. 
http://sfartenthusiast.com/2013/08/photo-feature-california-academy-of-sciences-gallery- crawl-nightlife/

Nov, 2013 "Desire", Roll Up Gallery.

Artists featured in this show were Tony Talbert, Katie Humphries, Leyre Montes, Leslie Morgan and the Argentinian painter, Martin Sternberg.

Oct, 2013 "Boback Emad ", Roll Up Gallery.

Boback Emad is an international Artist and Sculptor with a 25 year career in both public art and gallery exhibitions. His public works can be seen in Loveland, Colorado, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and several cities in Northern California (Santa Rosa, Cloverdale and Yountville). He has had both solo and group exhibitions in France, Mexico and USA. His sculptures are in major collections around the world as well as the Loveland Art Museum, Spokane Museum of Art and the Museuo De CentroUniversitario de la Costa campus, Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Sept, 2013 "Boback Emad ", Tank 18 San Francisco.

Betty Bigas curated an exclusive show featuring Boback Emad at Tank 18, an outstanding winery located in San Francisco's SOMA district. Large-scale paintings made with tar and a standstill sculptures were exhibited. The event was a success and had multiple mentions in art media.http://www.artslant.com/no/events/show/290662-boback-emad-at-tank-18

Sept, 2013 "Boback Emad " The Healdsburg Arts Festival.
Betty helped Boback Emad to promoted and displayed his works at Healdsburg Arts Festival, in Healdsburg's downtown Plaza. The Healdsburg Arts Festival features 70 of Northern California's best artists in fine art and contemporary craft. The Healdsburg Arts Festival is held in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country, located 90 minutes north of San Francisco. Healdsburg is a vibrant community drawing visitors from across the US and around the world.

Sept, 2013 Gallery Crawl "NightLife", California Academy of Sciences" San Francisco.
One of the highest attended weekly cultural events in the San Francisco Bay Area, and an innovator in night-time museum experience for the young adult crowd. Our 47 annual Thursday night events see 2,000-3,500 people every week and cover a broad range of topics spanning the cultural and science spectrum. One of our most popular bi-annual events is Gallery Crawl NightLife where we partner with local art curators to create a pop-up art museum inside the science museum. 
There Betty set up a pop-up gallery and promoted artworks by Erena Shimoda, Gabriel Castellanos and Boback Emad.
http://sfartenthusiast.com/2013/08/photo-feature-california-academy-of-sciences-gallery- crawl-nightlife/

Aug, 2013 Surreal Abstract Dreamy Landscapes, Roll Up Gallery.
Works by San Francisco-based illustrator and designer Chidem Michalski, originally from Istanbul, Minky Lew, Jack Taylor, Molly Campbell and the argentinian painter Gimena Macr were shown.http://publicsf.com/exhibitions/surreal-abstract-dreamy-landscapes-9266

Aug, 2013 POOP IS ART AND VICE VERSA, Roll Up Gallery.

“POOP IS ART AND VICE VERSA” is an exhibition featuring the latest works by internationally uncelebrated artists, Guillermo Sanchez and Rafael Saenz, founders of IPoopYou.com. 

Jul, 2013 "On the Edge of Delicate Lines", Alphaville Gallery.

An art show hosted in a private house called Alphaville Gallery. The show was a solo exhibition by the Contemporary painter Patricia AraujoPatricia Araujo's paintings depict praiseworthy examples of San Francisco architecture, some utilitarian and others grandly ornamental; addressing the themes of urban growth and decay. Araujo continues to deepen her conceptual themes on architecture, place and change in the urban landscape. She has been exhibiting in San Francisco since 1998. In 2008, she published her first book, entitled ”SOMA SEEN”. Her work has been written about in the San Francisco ChronicleHuffington Post,ARTslant7x7 SFBeyondchronExaminer and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. She lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.http://sanfrancisco.eventful.com/events/ontheedgeofdelicatelines-paintings-patricia-/E0-001-059176102-4

Jul, 2013 "The Wallery", Roll Up Gallery.
A collective of international wallpaper artists called The Wallery. The Wallery is a startup founded bySílvia Langa in Bercelona, Spain. Silvia and Betty covered the walls of Roll Up Gallery with the wallpaper drawings by diferent European artists including BANDID8, Conrad Roset, Guim Tió, Iván Bravo, Jennifer Davis, Mariella Fasson, Paula Bonet, Yeyei Gómez, Alexandra March. 

This was a unique selection of international and emerging artists thinking outside the frame.

July, 2013, Boback Emad -  Stanford University / John S Knight Foundation and Repertoire Production

The artist Boback Emad, asked for Betty's help to orchestrate and promote his sculptures at Stanford University during John S Knight Foundation and Repertoire Production. The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is an American private, non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting "transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts. It began as the Knight Memorial Education Fund in 1940. For its first decade, most contributions came from the Akron Beacon Journal and Miami Herald. It was incorporated as Knight Foundation in1950 in Ohio, and reincorporated as the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in Florida in 1993. Its first grant in the area of journalism was to the Inter American Press Association in Miami.
The event was hosted at the Bing Concert Hall. The Bing Concert Hall at Stanford play a vital role on campus and in the local community. Hall is an acoustically exceptional venue, an important part of the Stanford Arts Initiative, a university‐wide effort to promote the integration of the arts and creativity into every field of study. The project reinforces Stanford’s broad investments in music, drama, dance, the visual arts, film, and creative writing. Betty's work was to help him installing the big scale sculptures placed on the stage of the 842-seat Bing Concert. And promoted his works with designed flyers and online promotions.

Jun, 2013 "Art by code" CODAME, Roll Up Gallery.
Betty co-curate with Hanna Regev (curator and past-president of the Docent Council of the California Historical Society) and Bruno Fonzi, (CODAME founder) a show entitled Art by Code.

Art by Code was a group exhibition about computer code, art & language, digital art, and conceptual art and artists who are pioneering powerful ways in bridging art and technology. Artists lineup: Reza Ali, Inigo Quilez, Matthew Cella, Ryan Alexander,  Jon Kuzmich, Josh Nimoy, Antonio Cortez, Tiffany Trenda, Wes Grubbs, Kim Rees, Nolan Love, Kristin Henry.

The exhibition was part of the CODAME ART+TECH event. A nonprofit event to play, celebrate and inspire through experience. CODAME was founded in 2010, more than 60 events, expanding beyond its stronghold in San Francisco, the community is growing to a national level to encompass gaming, design, big data visualization, hackers, music, large-scale installations, fashion and 3D printing as well as internationally-recognized fine artists. CODAME is accelerating the way we interprete and express our rapidly changing world.

May, 2013 "Underwater", Roll Up Gallery.

Featuring works by: Erena Shimoda, an underwater portrait photographer helping cancer survivors re-discover their beauty through underwater. Her most recent project, Underwater Healer, focuses on cancer survivors. In addition to Erena Shimoda, other talented artists whose artworks were exhibited in the same show are: Alexis Amann,Martin Machado, Chris Love, Ian Tuttle, Toni Yll, Leyre Montes, Hanna Quevedo and the painter, eco-fashion designer, performance artist Rachel Znerold, who teaches at The Ruth Asawa School Of The ArtsProject HOPE Art and a variety of galleries throughout the Bay Area.

Mar, 2013 "Jon Weiss's solo show " , Roll Up Gallery.
A solo show by Bay Area artist Jon Weiss featuring large scale works on canvas depicting forms and abstractions, anatomical and mysterious by nature. Jon Weiss has been involved in the creation of painting many large scale murals for businesses and private institutions. His art can also be found on many CD and book illustrations as well. In the past few years leading up to to his recent series of paintings, the focus has been on movable art created on custom folding screens in the form of traditional and not so traditional designs. His journey continues into the San Francisco decorative arts scene at the juried California Design 2004 Exhibit, presented by the Baulines Craft Guild at 600 Townsend Street in San Francisco’s south of Market area.

April, 2013  Boback Emad at Sonoma Academy art Gallery

This exhibition was the culmination of his two month long artist in residence at Sonoma Academy Gallery, located in a private coed four-year college preparatory high school located in the hills east of Santa Rosa, California.

During his residence, Boback did several hundred pieces of Tar paintings and Sculptures, Betty's work was to select them and decide how to display them at the gallery while promoting the show.